What becomes of the broken hearted?

Time waits for no one, so do you want to waste some time?

Soon we will be like strangers. No, we can never be that. Hurting someone is an act of reluctant intimacy. We will be dangerous acquaintances with a history

—Hanif Kureishi - Intimacy   (via yasodhara)

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It’s said it takes seven years
to grow completely new skin cells.

To think, this year I will grow
into a body you never will

have touched.

One of the cruellest things you can do to another person is pretend you care about them more than you really do.

—Douglas Coupland (via r-ecollections)

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Life is good at the moment, easily wish there was still people in my life that aren’t anymore.. But it’s for the best aye? Keep telling myself to forget what I feel and remember what I deserve.